About us – Our mission statement

Competent solutions

As an independent development partner and flexible series supplier, we always aim to develop the best and at the same time most economical solution for our customers from a technical perspective.

In doing so, we compare different approaches in terms of usable materials, manufacturing processes, supply chains, administrative effort and potential risks, because the best technical solution is useless if it cannot also be implemented economically. Meeting this challenge with pleasure every day makes the difference. Our new slogan “Creating hidden solutions” demonstrates how seriously we take this idea.

Unlimited creativity

Loyalty, flexibility and reliability are required in a business relationship. Creativity can also be presupposed, but can only be demanded or even measured to a limited extent. We at COOP aim to provide reliable support for our customers even when creative and unconventional solutions are required – whether in development or in bridging a bottleneck.

Uncompromising quality

As a development partner and series supplier, we are aware of our responsibility for quality, which is why it is at the centre of all decisions and processes. This enables us to ensure a minimum of defective parts and rework in order to reduce costs and eliminate potential risks at an early stage. This philosophy is also reflected in our modern quality management module, which was developed especially for COOP, so that all necessary processes can be recorded and mapped consistently by the ERP system.

More than 25 years of experience in the practical implementation of ideas.

Our features


COOP is a responsible family-owned company you can touch and has the ambition to be successfully represented on the market in the long term.
This is only possible thanks to our longstanding and experienced employees, who do their best every day to meet the demands of our customers. The resulting personal and qualified support is also highly appreciated by our customers.


In the meantime we have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Cable Assembly, Plastics Technology and Metal Working. This somewhat unusual combination, which has grown so historically, enables us to better evaluate our customers’ overall projects, identify optimization potential and point out potential risks. We routinely develop solutions that fit the overall system.tentiale erkennen und auf potentielle Risiken hinweisen. Routiniert entwickeln wir Lösungen, die zum Gesamtsystem passen.


Friendly, open and fact-oriented communication is a top priority for us, whether with customers, suppliers or internally between colleagues. Everybody has the right to speak his mind openly and also to finish what he says. On the one hand this is required by decency, on the other hand this is often the way to find the best solutions.


  • On 10.05.1993 Thomas Ludwig Goldhofer founded an independent industrial agency for cable sets and wiring systems in Gröbenzell. The high level of competence and reliability is well received: The number of customers is increasing, as is the need for space.

  • 1996 follows the move to Bad Tölz, An der Osterleite 25.

  • The volume of enquiries in cable assembly is increasing and the sealing technology sub-sector is also being expanded. Therefore, on 14.08.1998 the company Coop! Consulting and Operating GmbH is founded in Munich.

  • In 1999 the production capacities have to be further expanded and new storage areas are built in Bad Tölz.

  • In 2000, we introduced an ERP system we developed ourselves for the increasingly complex business processes.

    The demands of our customers are growing, and so are our competencies. In addition to cable assembly and sealing technology, we are increasingly dealing with the subsequent plastic or metal components. These include washer water tanks, moulded rubber parts and turned and bent parts.

  • We attach great importance to quality assurance right from the start. This was confirmed in 2001 with the certification of our quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

  • Fast logistics is increasingly becoming a success factor for COOP. In 2006 we acquire our first own truck for the flexible serial supply of our customers in Southern Germany and Austria.

    Move within Bad Tölz, to the industrial area, Im Farchet 26.

  • For the professional handling of all business processes, the introduction of an ERP system (Business Express) from Dontenwill will be decided in 2008.

  • 2009 the certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 follows.

  • In 2010 the extension of a hall will be implemented to increase the storage and production capacities.

  • High product quality and delivery reliability pay off: in 2015 our assembly and storage capacities will be expanded once again.

    Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 will follow.

  • 2017 25th anniversary of self-employment in the field of cable assembly and meanwhile also in the fields of plastics technology and metal processing.

  • In 2017/18 the successors from the family will join the company. Thomas Maximilian Goldhofer takes over the development of new projects and Magdalena Goldhofer takes over the finances.

    In 2018 COOP! consulting and operating GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary.

  • Planning for a new building for expansion begins in 2019.

  • Change of name: Since 10.06.2020 we have been operating under the name of Coop Systems GmbH.

  • On 22.04.22 the move to the new location in Waakirchen took place, in order to be able to grow further.


… to be continued.